What Electrobyte Is All About …
  Making it easy for you

At Electrobyte we want you to enjoy the best technology available for your home, and the important word here is enjoy. All too often when a device does something more complex it becomes harder to use which puts people off using it.

Fortunately we understand this and our primary concern is making technology accessible and intuitive to use. We do the hard work in making the complex appear simple so that you get the result you want with a simple push of a button.

  Let’s talk about it

The process begins with a conversation about what you want to achieve and how you want to control the technology in your home.

This can be anything from a simple home cinema setup to a fully automated home with lighting control, heating control, multi-room audio and video, automated blinds and curtains or anything in between.

Ultimately the choice is yours and you can control as little or as much as you want – even doors can be opened and closed!

  Get it right at the start

By choosing the right components at the start we can ensure that everything works together as it should at the end of the project. Then the hard work starts getting cables installed and equipment fitted!

Once everything is installed we can, like a conductor with an orchestra, get the various components to play together harmoniously giving you the easy user experience that you want.

A Sample of Some of Our Best Work …
How we work …
Design and consult

The first step is to find out what systems are to be installed, where equipment is to be located and, if the project is a retro-fit, what existing systems there are already.

Once we have a design approved a quotation can be provided for the works. If the installation is to go out to tender then a charge would be made for the design and consultancy work.


Whilst we are more than happy for other contractors to install to our designs it often works better if we project manage and quality control the process.

If you have a preferred contractor that you would like to use then that is fine by us. However you may find that we are as affordable as other contractors but with a better understanding of the installation.


At the end of the project comes the fun part – getting it to all come together and work as an integrated system.

Once everything has been setup as agreed (including any variations along the way) the system will be ready to use. You may find that you want to tweak some settings as you get used to the system which we will be more than happy to do for you.