Networking & WiFi

How Electrobyte Can Maintain Your Connectivity

Wired Networking

In these days of wireless everything it is easy to forget how important wired networking is.

Devices that are permanently connected to a network – smart devices, printers, TVs etc. – should all be connected to the wired network.

This takes the load off the wireless as well as making these devices more reliable and able to deliver content faster.

Wireless Networking

A good wireless network gives you the freedom to work and play anywhere you want to in your home.

As wireless devices become more and more common having a wireless network that can deal with this demand is very important.

Design of a wireless network needs to be done carefully as too much signal can be as bad as too little, especially in densely populated areas.


Your broadband internet connection is as important as the internal network.

We have partnered with Jola Internet and can provide ADSL and fibre broadband internet as well as telephone line.

Jola are focused on providing excellent customer service whilst also being able to have comparable pricing to BT.


How Important is My Network?

Your wired and wireless network are the lifeblood of your Smart Home.

Without a reliable, fast network you may have problems using your Smart Home and accessing the internet.

So many things in your home need access to the internet, as well as access other devices within your home. Ensuring your network can cope with this traffic is vital.