How can Electrobyte help with lighting?

We have a lot of experience with lighting – from lighting design and specification to custom fittings and LED strip installation, as well as lighting controls of course.

By having your lighting designed by a professional you will get the most out of your home. Coupled with a lighting control system you will be able to light your home beautifully and easily.

What are the advantages of lighting control?


Setting scenes means you don’t have to remember how you like having the lighting. That means no more fiddling with dimmers everytime you want to watch a film.

And the best thing is if you want more, or you want to change an existing scene, it’s easy as pie.


What happens if you want more switches? Or want to change what an existing switch does? Or even want to use a switch for something else?

With a lighting control system this can be done without knocking holes in the wall. All it takes is some re-programming and voila.


Most lighting control systems can record your normal lighting activity and replay this when you go on holiday, which is a great deterrent against intruders.

If your lighting is part of a Smart Home system you can also combine this with simulated TV activity so it really looks like someone is home.

Energy Saving

These systems can actually save you money as well as making your home a nicer place to be.

By reducing when lights are on unnecessarily, as well as reducing the maximum brightness of lights, you can save money on energy and replacements lights.

Lighting Controls

knx-partner-logoThere are several very good lighting control solutions available for almost any situation, whether retro-fit, renovation or new build.

Our preference is for either KNX or Control4 lighting systems but we have also installed Rako and Lutron lighting controls.

Lighting control with KNX is especially effective as it is probably the most robust system available with the widest range of solutions. In addition KNX can do heating control, automate blinds and curtains and more as well as integrating well with Control4.

You can choose from normal switches, keypads, touchscreens and sensors to control the lights and all can be controlled by smartphone or tablet.

How can Electrobyte help with lighting design?


With years of experience working on luxury developments we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

There are many ways to light a room – some subtle and some not – and a mix of the two is important to get the most from your decor.


The quality of the light source and the fitting are of equal importance. There’s no point having an expensive fitting with a cheap lightbulb.

Not only that but we know which light sources dim the best, have the best quality light output, and are reliable.


As well as the obvious custom light installations – LED lighting strip – we can also commission and create custom light fittings.

With the ability to provide full 3D rendered visualisations of the fitting before production you’ll be able to see exactly what it looks like.


By getting the same contractor to design the lights and the lighting controls you know that the two are going to work together well.

The other advantage is the additional layer of organisation that comes with this – sche

Lighting Design

Over the years we have also got involved with lighting design.

Whether it’s adding somthing special to the lighting in a kitchen or bathroom, or designing the lighting for a home cinema and bar basement conversion, our years of experience can help you get the most from your room.

We can supply visualisations, marked-up drawings and fitting schedules to help your project go as smoothly as possible.