Heating Control

What's Wrong With a Simple Thermostat?

There is nothing wrong with a simple thermostat – it will provide you with a very basic level of heating control but that is all.

An advanced heating control system will provide you with so much more however. From zone controls so that you aren’t heating empty rooms to smartphone control of the heating from anywhere in the world and more.

Not only that but an advanced heating control system can do away with room thermostats completely (or at least consign them to a cupboard). By using discreet air sensors you can reduce the intrusion of these devices into your beautifully appointed interior without sacrificing how effective they are.

What are the advantages of heating controls?


By zoning your heating you can be sure that each room is being heated to the exact temperature you want.

Also, if you want to turn the heating off in a room for an hour, a day, or a week it is easy to do.

Smart Devices

Being able to control your heating from your phone or tablet means that thermostats don’t have to be on show if you don’t want them.

Also, programming your heating from a smart phone or tablet is much easier than at the actual thermostat.

Holiday Mode

Most heating control systems have a holiday mode that allows you to turn the heating off while you’re on holiday.

The system will turn itself back on ready for your return ensuring a warm house when you get home.

System Integration

Heating control systems, such as Heatmiser, can be easily integrated into Smart Home systems, such as Control4.

This allows you to easily control the heating along with the lighting, automated blinds etc. for a seamless experience.

What Heating Control Systems Do We Use?

At Electrobyte we use two main heating control systems – Heatmiser and KNX.

Heatmiser Neo thermostats have a very good range that can control any type of heating. Their thermostats support remote air sensors so the thermostats can be hidden out of sight if required.

knx-partner-logoThere is also a huge range of KNX room thermostats as well as being able to set up the system with just air sensors.

As well as measuring temperature KNX thermostats can measure humidity and carbon dioxide. This provides a better indication of air quality and allows automatic control of fans to improve this if needed.