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Electrobyte is a versatile company with many year’s experience of the construction industry. Over the years we have worked with everyone from architects to property developers, from builders to home owners.

Our main focus is customer satisfaction. We want the people who choose us to be happy with their decision and to have no regrets. Not only that but we want our installations to enhance your lives and be a joy to use.

We achieve this by being honest about what can be achieved, communicating clearly and effectively, and by completing any installation to the best of our ability.

Our services

Smart Home Systems

A good smart home system can simplify the many different technologies in your home by unifying them into a single interface.

With a familiar and intuitive interface you will find it easy and natural to use wherever you are in your home.

The smart home system is also more than the sum of its parts by allowing normally separate systems to interact with each other.

To make the most of the technology in your home a smart home system is the way forward.

Lighting Control

Enhance your home and make it exceptional with intelligent lighting control.

Not only can this save you money but it will also enhance the interior design of your home.

Heating Control

With an intelligent heating control system your heating will work better and more efficiently making your home a better place to live.

You will also be able to control your heating from your iOS or Android device whether you are at home or away.

Having a good quality, easy-to-use, multiroom audio system has never been easier.

There are many different products available that can stream music either from a local server or from the internet.

IT & Networking

The fundamental backbone of almost all home technologies is a data network and good broadband access opens up a whole host of additional features.

Making sure that your wired network is properly installed and your wireless network is accessible throughout your home is vital.

Design & Consulting

Getting electrical and electronic systems designed and specified right from the beginning of a project is very important.

As an architect or property developer you can save costs and prevent problems down the line by producing a comprehensive specification document to go to tender.

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Hover Box Element

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