Heatmiser Heating Controls

The World of Heating Control

In the world of central heating and hot water control there is a company that stands out above all others. They offer everything from stand-alone solutions to fully integrated systems with touchscreen control; wired, wireless or wi-fi; dial, button or touchscreen wall controllers and more. This company is Heatmiser.

I have been installing Heatmiser products for a few years know and have found them to be reliable, easy to install, easy to use and backed up by great customer service and technical support. No matter what type of heating system you have Heatmiser have a solution.

Wireless Thermostats

If you have the most basic central heating system with a combi-boiler but no room thermostat so you have to use the basic boiler controls this can be frustrating. It can also mean you use more fuel than you need to as you have no way of telling the boiler to stop heating other than with thermostatic radiator valves, or TRVs as they are known.

By using a Heatmiser wireless thermostat you can mount the controller on a suitable wall or, for the touchscreen version, have it on your desk, coffee table or wherever. It requires no cables to be installed (other than from the boiler to the wireless receiver which can be done locally) and is a very easy way of saving money on your heating as well as improving the control you have.

Also two wireless thermostats can be linked to a single receiver allowing you to effectively have dual-zone heating for your home.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

If you already have a wall-mounted thermostat but want some extra functionality then the Heatmiser Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to connect to your thermostat over your wireless network and control it from any iOS or Android device, PC or Mac.

If you have more than one heating system (radiators and electric underfloor heating, for example) then you can get replacement Wi-Fi thermostats for each of these along with the MultiLink module and control them all from a single interface.

As well as being able to control your heating and hot water from your local network you can also control it from the internet. This means you can turn the heating on when you land after a business trip or holiday and come home to a nice, warm house.

Multi-Zone Systems

This is the complete solution from Heatmiser and allows you to fully zone your central heating system. Obviously your heating system layout needs to support this. If your home has a standard radiator heating system then this won’t be possible without re-configuring your pipework.

The system is extremely configurable and can cope with almost any combination of heating sources – whether conventional radiators, towel radiators, wet underfloor heating or electric underfloor heating. All you need is to wire the thermostats back to a suitable number of wiring centres and then connect the wiring centre to a TouchPad.

If you want to be able to control the system via iOS, Android, PC or Mac then you will need the NetMonitor unit which allows you to connect to the system over your local network or internet. Imagine getting back into the country from a business trip or holiday and being able to start the heating so you get home to a nice warm house!

With all these systems getting professional help with the design, specification and setup is vital, especially with the multi-zone system. Although Heatmiser provide some basic wiring diagrams and schematics these require a certain amount of interpretation and more often than not need editing to suit the specific circumstances.