2013 Changes to Building Regulations

Approved-document-part-pOn April 6th 2013 certain changes came into effect with regards to the Building Regulations. These changes affect many parts of the construction industry but there are some specific changes that affect electrical contracting.

The first change is to the scope of electrical works that need notifying to local Building Control. The works that no longer need notifying are minor electrical works undertaken in kitchens or outdoors, the installation of electric floor heating, the installation of ELV lighting and the installation of central heating controls.

Minor works that remain notifiable include the installation of a new circuit, the replacement of a consumer unit, any works in a room containing a swimming pool or sauna heater or any addition or alteration to existing circuits in a ‘special location’

The second, and possibly most significant, change is that it is possible to use a registered third party to certify notifiable work if the installer is not registered under an approved scheme. It would seem that the driver for this is to increase the amount of work that is presently going on under the radar of the local Building Control by non-registered electrical installers.

However, a suitable system for approving individuals to carry out third party certification has yet to be defined and issues around warranty, insurance, legal and contractual liabilities still need to be resolved. Until these issues are resolved there will not be many contractors willing to risk their reputation and future certifying works for installers who aren’t assessed annually and with unknown installation standards.

Click here for the latest release of the Part P Approved Document. This opens as a PDF and you will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader, available here.