We are Proud to Announce our Control4 Authorised Dealer Status

This afternoon Electrobyte Ltd was awarded Control4 dealer status after completing their rigorous training program and passing the final exam with flying colours. Although we had a good awareness of the product range before the course, our eyes have been completely opened to the possibilities that Control4 offers. Backed up by powerful yet simple drag-and-drop […]

Heatmiser Neo heating controls

An exciting new product has recently landed from Heatmiser. This is the new Heatmiser neo range of wall-mounted thermostat/programmers for heating and hot water. Stylish design and easy heating control The first thing to notice about the neo programmers is that they look fantastic. The design looks clean, contemporary and stylish. Although there are only […]

2013 Changes to Building Regulations

On April 6th 2013 certain changes came into effect with regards to the Building Regulations. These changes affect many parts of the construction industry but there are some specific changes that affect electrical contracting. The first change is to the scope of electrical works that need notifying to local Building Control. The works that no […]

Wired vs Wireless Data Networking

We are sometimes asked by customers why we still fit network cables when wireless is so common and so much faster than it used to be. There are several reasons why we still fit wired network cables, even in a domestic environment, but we also believe that wireless and wired compliment each other and almost […]

The Versatility of Network Cable

Network cable, also known as twisted-pair cable and usually designated Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat7 (also known as CatX cable) has many uses other than just for connecting computers to the internet. Because of it’s construction CatX cable is very good at rejecting noise. Other cable types, such as co-axial cable, need to use expensive and […]

Heatmiser Heating Controls

The World of Heating Control In the world of central heating and hot water control there is a company that stands out above all others. They offer everything from stand-alone solutions to fully integrated systems with touchscreen control; wired, wireless or wi-fi; dial, button or touchscreen wall controllers and more. This company is Heatmiser. I […]

HDMI Distribution Technologies

HDMI is pretty much standard for TVs, projectors and sources these days. When composite video was the de-facto standard distributing this sort of signal was very easy – good quality, well-screened co-axial cable allowed the signal to be transmitted over fairly long distances without too much loss of quality – although the quality of the […]