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The Origins of Electrobyte

The foundations of Electrobyte were started in 2005 when Leo Walton started a company called Cable Guys with a friend from University, Lee Spicknell. Starting out with data network installation and aerial and satellite installation the company soon grew to include electrical contracting, audio visual installation, and smart home systems.

In early 2013 Leo decided that he wanted to forge his own path and left the company to start Electrobyte. With his knowledge of construction and electrical contracting, his aim was to take these practical skills to the smart home and audio-visual installation industry.

With a degree is Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Nottingham University, almost a decade’s experience in the construction industry and a natural aptitude for technology and IT the move seemed like a natural progression.

Leo has a lifelong passion for all things technological and is a natural geek. As a child he was constantly playing in his father’s shed, tinkering with whatever he could find and often making things worse rather than better. After having a succession of home computers – ZX81, Amstrad CPC464, Atari ST – he first came into contact with a PC aged 12 when his parents were one of the first to get a proper home computer. With 2MB of RAM and a 25MB hard-drive it was primitive by today’s standards but it started an obsession that still burns brightly today.

But technology for its own sake is not what spurs Leo’s interest. It is the application of technology and how it can improve and enhance our lives. Experiencing the levels of innovation and development of technology is like being a kid in a sweet shop. The possibilities seem endless and it is impossible to not get excited about how the right technology can make complex systems accessible to even the most technophobe person.

Completing a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering has provided Leo with a fundamental understanding of these technologies. With experience of computer programming, electrical design, electronic design, and research and design Leo can grasp what makes a piece of kit tick. This in turn allows for a better implementation of the technology and a better experience for the user.

As well as engineering Leo has also worked in web design and graphic design. This provides an appreciation of how good design, and especially user interfaces, can make something much more pleasurable to use. It also provides an appreciation of design aesthetic which makes it easier to integrate these systems into a design scheme without it clashing or destroying the look.

To unwind Leo enjoys photography, a hobby his father introduced him to many years ago. With a particular passion for abstract graphical images and a desire to produce photographs that are interesting and thought-provoking it is a skill that is constantly developing and improving.

As well as photography Leo enjoys cooking, and this is somewhere that his natural geek comes out again. With as many gadgets as he can fit in his kitchen, if there is something that he can’t afford he will make it. Inspired by the sous vide method of cooking he designed and constructed his own water bath that can control the temperature to within 0.1C!


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