What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is one that lets you get the most out of your house – your lighting, your heating, your TV, all become fit for the 21st century.

This can be anything from an advanced thermostat to full house lighting control and heating control with home cinema.

Getting a Smart Home can save you time and money as well as improving the time you spend at home.


Why do I want one?

Smart Homes allow you to enjoy the best that technology has to offer.

The advantage of getting a professional in is that they have the  experience to get it to work reliably.

Our experience means that we know what works and what doesn’t and provide high-quality systems you can trust.


What Can We Do For You?

Lighting Control & Design

Automating your lights can save energy and money as well as allowing you to set scenes and integrate them with other systems.

Lights can also be set to simulate your presence in the house when you’re away providing an effective deterrent to thieves.

Heating Control

Getting an advanced thermostat or heating control system can noticably improve your home environment.

Modern thermostats are much better at controlling temperature and the savings from not heating an empty house are significant.

System Integration

This treats all of the systems in a house – lighting, heating, entertainment and more – as a single system with a single interface.

This allows you get so much more from the technology as everything comes together and becomes easier to use.

Wi-Fi and Networking

Your broadband connection and home network – both wired and wireless – are the lifeblood of your Smart Home.

We only fit network equipment that we are happy with and think that this is one area where it definitely doesn’t pay to cut corners.

TV and Audio

Whether it’s hanging a TV on the wall, simplifying your remote controls, or designing a whole home cinema room we can help.

We can distribute 4k UHD TV round a house, setup wireless multiroom audio systems, and provide custom solutions for tricky installation.

Design and Consultancy

As well as taking projects from design through installation to completion we also offer a design and consultancy service.

From pre-tender specifications for architects and project managers to designing systems for other contracters we can help.

Why Choose Electrobyte?

〉 We believe in putting the customer first.


〉 We have a proven track record of high-value projects.


〉 We believe in quality and reliability.


〉 We want technology to help and not hinder.


〉 We believe you deserve to enjoy your home.