Smart Home

Smart Home Systems and Home Automation

What is a Smart Home system

A smart home system is designed to connect various different technologies together so they behave like a single system.

Many different technologies can be integrated – audio-visual, heating controls, security systems, lighting, curtains and blinds, and even power outlets.

Once these technologies are integrated into the smart home system they can work together.

The smart home system can make the total more than the sum of its parts.

Why would I want a Smart Home?

If you have a TV, Sky HD box and BluRay player then you most likely have several remote controls.

Although a universal remote control can simplify these into a single remote the additional functionality this offers is limited.

The Smart Home system is like this but about 100 times more powerful and can be applied to a single room or your entire home.

By using a combination of wall-mounted controllers, remote controls and an iOS/Android app you can have complete control of your home.

But are they hard to use?

Absolutely not. These systems are incredibly complex but all that is behind the scenes.

In fact it is easier to learn a single smart home interface than to learn the many different remote controls, keypads and controllers that everything else comes with.

A lot of time and effort has gone in to making the smart home systems a pleasure to use.

The image below shows the popular Control4 interface. Notice that it is exactly the same whether on a TV, wall-mounted touchscreen or tablet.

What do we use for Smart Home systems?

At Electrobyte we find that the Control4 smart home system offers the best level of reliability and functionality at a reasonable cost.

The main strength of the Control4 system is the huge number of products that can be integrated, either with their own Certified drivers or through 3rd parties.

Because Control4 have been open with their system their is huge innovation within the product range allowing almost anything to be achieved.

On top of that the system has an intuitive interface that is exactly the same whether you are using it on a TV, touchscreen, tablet or smartphone.