Multi Room Audio


What is Multi Room Audio?

Multi room audio systems enable you to listen to music in as many rooms throughout your home as you want.

These systems can not only play music streamed from iOS or Android devices but also local file storage or the internet.

By using a local file storage device, called a Network Attached Storage device or NAS, all your music can be available to the system all of the time.

The multi room audio system can play different music in each room, the same music in all rooms or any combination in between.


What Do We Recommend?

For sheer versatility and sound quality we recommend the range of products from Sonos.

Sonos products create their own mesh network meaning they can easily be retro-fitted into a property without needing the installation of cables.

However their products can also be used as part of a bigger installation project.


And How Easy Is It To Use?

The Sonos range is exceptionally easy to use. In fact many other companies could learn a lot from how their iOS and Android apps work.

You can use any iOS or Android app to control it or Sonos can be integrated into a Control4 system.

Either way navigating from local files to streamed content from the internet is easy. Add Spotify and TuneIn Radio support and you’ve got a pretty impressive setup.