Data Network and IT Services


home-networking-and-ITData networking is as vital to modern life as a decent TV signal. Having a poorly performing network can cause huge frustrations at home and work. The advent of streaming video and audio over the internet also puts extra strain on already struggling networks. There are three key areas that ensure these problems are kept to a minimum:

  1. Any wired or wireless network needs to be properly designed with consideration taken of any future needs as well as your current requirements.
  2. The specified equipment needs to be up to the job but also not over-specified (and therefore over-priced). This is as true for the installed cables and wall outlets as for a wireless access point or router.
  3. Any equipment needs to be installed correctly and setup properly. If terminations are not done properly or routers not setup properly then even the best equipment won’t perform well.

To reinforce our commitment to quality and reliability we are Draytek Authorised Dealers. Draytek are known as market leaders for business and SoHo network equipment with some very advanced features. For fit-and-forget routers, wireless access points and network switches Draytek is really the only choice.

At Electrobyte we appreciate the importance of these factors and ensure that they make the fundamental basis of any installation.

So whether you want completely new network designing and installing or an existing network extending we can provide a solution for you. We can take a project from design stage all the way through to installation and commissioning.

To ensure reliable operation of the network we only use properly tested and certified cable, modules and hardware. If future-proofing is important we can make sure that the network is designed with as much spare capacity and flexibility as possible.

Our Networking and IT Services
  • Wired network design, installation and commissioning
  • Wireless network design, installation and commissioning
  • Wireless link installation
  • Modem/router upgrades
  • Setup and configuration of workstations, laptops, tablet PC, smart TVs etc. on network
  • Existing network troubleshooting and repair
  • Design and consultancy during planning stage of project