Electrical Testing and Installation


Why should you use Electrobyte?

Testing experience

At Electrobyte we specialise in electrical testing and inspection as well as electrical remedial works and small-scale installation work. We have completed extensive testing and inspection programs in large residential complexes, high-quality installations in domestic properties and more. Over the years we have tested many homes, rental properties, offices, warehouses, shops, factories and more.

High quality installations

As well as testing and inspection we have completed many electrical installations – from consumer unit upgrades to full re-wires. Our installations are always done to the highest standards with high quality components throughout.

NICEIC Approved Contractor

To show our commitment to quality we are NICEIC Approved Contractors, meaning we can carry out electrical work in both domestic and commercial property. Regular assessments keep us working to a high standard and ensures our test equipment is in good working order and our working practices are acceptable. niceic-approved-contractor

What makes us so good at electrical testing?

No conflict of interest.

As we do not automatically assume that we will be completing any remedial works it is in our interest to ensure that any observations and recommendations are accurate and honest.

Times to suit you.

The times and dates of testing can be tailored to suit the use and occupancy of the building. With properly scheduling any potential downtime can be arranged to cause minimum disruption.

Electronic reports and certificates.

All our test results are recorded electronically and we issue our reports and certificates digitally via email. This means a quicker turnaround, re-issuing reports and certificates is much easier and legibility is improved.

Summary of results and observations

Every report comes with a separate summary of observations and recommendations that explains each item clearly and without jargon to enable you to understand the results of the testing.

Standardised costing for remedial works

We can provide a summary of standard costs for common remedial works if required so that you have a good idea of expected costs prior to the testing starting.

Experienced, knowledgeable and thorough.

As well as being very knowledgable about the BS7671 Wiring Regulations we also know how to apply it in the real world. Our primary concern is to identify and alert you to any faults that may cause damage to property, injury or death. This helps protect you and your property.

How testing is costed:

Different types of property need different pricing as do different types of contract. For example, a single residential property would be priced differently from a block of flats where each dwelling unit was to be tested in turn.

Domestic properties

For most domestic properties we operate a standard base price that covers one consumer unit with up to six circuits. There is then an additional cost for each extra circuit or consumer unit.

Base price Covers a single consumer unit with up to six circuits £120 +VAT
Extra circuit Each additional circuit over the basic six circuits £7.50 +VAT
Extra unit Each additional consumer unit over the basic one unit £30 +VAT
Commercial and industrial properties

For commercial and industrial properties we would need to perform a site survey before providing a cost. Our estimate would be based on a per circuit price and would depend on several factors such as the condition of the installation, availability of previous test results, preferred times for testing and quality of the on-going maintenance. The quoted amount would be based on the estimated number of circuits. The exact figure would only be available once the testing was complete and the total number of tested circuits could be counted. As a guide for a 3 year old residential complex with good maintenance and records we were successful when we quoted £8.20 +VAT per circuit.